Underground art 2018-2020

Abandoned industrial sites, for me, are like shadows whose memories have been somehow lost. When you enter such buildings, their remnants don’t always provide straightforward answers about what these places were in the past and what people did here. The futility of any attempt to reconstruct an objective history without significant distortions led me to free myself from the burden of definitive meanings and to question the real history. That’s why I work with these spaces, covering their walls with images associated with ancient cultures, mythology, and beliefs. Like abandoned spaces, the interpretation of these images and symbols is entirely individual because they are created fundamentally without fixed meanings and are a unique intertext.

Thus, by integrating conjecture and imagination, I aim to accumulate the multiplicity of meaning within these spaces, allowing them to be ruins of a sanctuary, temple, necropolis, or anything that couldn’t possibly exist in a specific place.

Following this principle, a series of objects were created in hard-to-reach places in Lviv. Together, they are proposed to be viewed as elements of an alternative geography, a city whose history exists only in the observer’s conjectures.