Multimedia installation. 2020-

An interactive project is an attempt to consider a work of art as an object, the integrity, form, and very existence of which depends on the audience. It serves as a way to consider the paradox of the “fragment”, which is both a work and an index sign of the work depending on the point of perception.

An object of 100×100 mm was created. It consisted of fragments of plaster collected from the walls of abandoned industrial buildings. There was a certain distance between the fragments so that the work would never be integral in the physical meaning of the word. A pattern is applied to the plane, designed to fix the initial position of each fragment in a single composition and identify it as part of the overall work. They distributed to all comers. The only condition for participation in the project was to indicate the coordinates of the fragment on the Google map, thus uniting the object in a single information field. The movement of fragments is proposed to be considered part of the formation of the object, so they should also be included in the map. In this way, the audience directly influences the work, which ceases to be a static closed system. The constant variables in it are the location of the fragments, as well as the area and depth of the work. Fragments can be destroyed, divided, or altered in any other way, which also affects the entire work. Movement and interaction are factors that make it almost impossible to “complete” the work because it is fundamentally variable.

As 2024, the area occupied by the instalation is 212 166 356 км².