Behind the Blinds

Multimedia installation. 2024

One of the aspects of the Russo-Ukrainian war is the informational struggle. Russian occupiers seek to justify mass killings, torture, and the very fact of occupying territories of an independent country. Propaganda is being spread everywhere to create discord in democratic states, undermining Europe from within.

My project “Behind the Blinds” is a multimedia installation consisting of an informational corridor we traverse daily. It’s filled with curtains featuring propagandist quotes from Russians. Each word and symbol on them obscures the view of what lies at the end of the corridor. At the end, there’s a room where only charred remains from the ruined city of Irpin remain.

This project aims to raise questions: Are we capable of perceiving the truth as it is, having passed through layers of propaganda? Can the viewer discern the truth through the prism of lies they may absorb in the future? Is there a chance for truth?

The installation ”Behind the Blinds” is part of the touring exhibition ‘Fake (f)or Real’ by organized by the House of European History, that exhibits in Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Sweden.